Singing. We all do it in some form or another. Some of us are worth hearing and many of us just aren’t! Your baby however, thinks you’re the best thing they’ve ever heard.

When you’re singing with your baby, you’re building special bonds. Your voice is the first one they’ll hear and it will become the most important one! You’re showing your love and they’ll hear it in your tone.

When you sing to your little one, or even just chant along in a sing-songy voice, the benefits to your baby are enormous. They’re learning their language through songs. You’re teaching them about communication and words themselves. You’re introducing them to new vocabulary. When you hold up their special Ted and sing about it, they’re beginning to make associations between the words and the gorgeous fluffy guy in front of them. When it’s bath time and you’re drying them off, singing about making their fingers dry introduces them to new words.

Singing is one of the many ways we play with our baby. It’s a great way to involve other family members too. It builds bonds between all of you. You can help your little one learn their name and the names of other important people in their lives by substituting them for words in songs. (“If Luke’s happy and he knows it, clap your hands!”)

Using a little song to mark the transitions in your day makes babies feel safe. A special song for before bath time, bedtime or at any other transition times throughout your day, becomes familiar to babies very quickly and they begin to predict what will be happening next. Knowing what’s coming builds feelings of security.

Music and songs are made up of lots of rhythms and rhymes, which are all part of our language. As they grow, they’ll begin to hear and recognise these. They’re also building their listening skills which help them understand language and the fact that we can express ourselves really well through the language found in songs.

Ultimately, singing to and with your baby shows them how much you love them. They don’t care how you sound. All they care about is that you’re focused on them and expressing your love in a really joyous way.

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