BestPlay for Hump Day - Spring Fling!


An empty container (maybe a basket for extra cute factor!) - that’s it!

Head outside with your little one either carrying them or in a pram. As you go, look for things to add to your ‘treasure basket’. Leaves, flowers, small twigs, nice rocks - anything natural and interesting to look at will do!

As you search for your ‘treasure’ and place things in your container talk to your little one about each item and its different qualities. Say things like: “Look at these petals, do you know what colour this is? It’s white. And look at the centre - it’s yellow. Do you want to smell the flower? What do you think of the smell?”.

Once you head home, sit with your baby and go through your ‘treasure’. Discuss the different items and how they are different to each other. Say things like “Look at this rock. Can you see how rough and hard it is? Do you want to feel it? Now look at this leaf. Look how smooth and supple it is!”.

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