BestPlay for HumpDay - Web It Up!


An empty square or rectangular container (old take-away containers are perfect!), some rubber bands and some small-ish items (think Duplo, crayons, small toys)

Put half the small items inside the box. Then, pull the rubber bands over the container so that they cover the top and ‘criss-cross’ over each other to create a ‘web’.

Place the ‘web’ in front of your child. Give them time to explore. They might want to pull the rubber bands, or they might dive right in or they might be a bit unsure about this sticky, new substance.

Once your little one has had some time to play and interact with the ‘web’ by themselves, you can show them how to pull some of the items out and also give them the other half of the items that you kept out. Talk to them about the rubber bands and the items. Say things like: “Aren’t the bands springy? - Look how they wobble!”. “Can you get the Duplo woman out?”.

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