BestPlay for Hump Day - Don't Bottle It Up!


Some empty milk bottles or cartons, (the 1L size works best!) thoroughly washed and completely dry, some straws or even some chop sticks if you’ve collected them from the local takeaway.


Show you baby how to drop the straws or sticks into the neck of the bottle. There is something very satisfying about posting things into small spaces and hearing that ‘plop’ as it touches the bottom! This is an activity that can be repeated as often as your baby wishes to. They’ll be working hard on their eye-hand coordination as they navigate that skinny shape into the relatively small space. There’ll be some mathematical experimenting too as your little one tries to see how many they can fit in before the neck of the bottle is too full to hold another straw! The fun of tipping and shaking the straws back out can’t be underestimated either! Chat with your baby as you play. “How many can we fit in? Let’s count the ones you’ve posted!” You’ll be giving them lots of new words help build their language skills!

This is just a “snack-sized” version of our amazing BestPlay Activities. If you want access to our more detailed, expert-developed activities and our experts’ advice about how activities like this engage and enhance your baby’s development check out our BestPlay Boxes.

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