BestPlay for Hump Day - Flower Fun!


Five toilet rolls and a packet of pom poms (craft stores have carboard rolls for purchase if you’re looking for them and pompoms are available in the craft section of “dollar” stores), some tape or yarn.


Collect and tape 5 toilet rolls together into a flower shape, with one tube in the centre and four around as ‘petals’. Place the shape in front of your little one as they sit on

a blanket. Prop them up if they’re not at the sitting alone stage yet. Show them how to drop the colourful pompoms into them.  Never leave your baby unattended as you play with the posting game. To keep track of all the pieces, you could also tape the rolls onto the side of a laundry basket and place you baby in it with the posting objects. This way, when they’re posted, they fall back in to the basket and they’re easy for your little one grab and use again. They’ll be practising their eye-hand coordination as they play this game. If there is a variety of items, sizes and colours they’ll also be noticing and thinking about differences and similarities.

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