BestPlay for Hump Day - Dough Dear!

Two cups of plain flour, ½ a cup of oil (any kind will do!), food colouring (the natural ones that you can find at most supermarkets are particularly great!) and water

Add the oil to the flour and mix thoroughly. Then mix the food colouring with water. Finally, add and mix in enough of the water to make a soft dough. Knead the dough until it’s smooth. You can then store it in an airtight container or even a ziplock bag. Unless temperatures are extreme where you live, the dough can last for up to a month.

So you’ve introduced your little one to the joys of playdough (if not, see Part 1 of our playdough series!). They’ve had lots of time to freely explore the dough itself and get to know its properties as they build up those little muscles in their hands and arms. Now you can begin to introduce some accessories to their playdough work. Don’t expect your baby to be able to manipulate a rolling pin, no matter how small and cute the one is that you’ve found in a child’s cooking set! There’s lots of work to be done before the rolling starts. Instead, gather a collection of interesting items in a small basket or bowl for your little one to press into their dough. You may want to pop outside to find some lovely stones, leaves, feathers, flowers etc to use first. Objects from nature are unique and full of texture. Find that collection of shells from your last beach holiday and show your baby how to press them into the dough to make some lovely designs. (Don’t do it all for them though. Watch and appreciate their efforts after you’ve shown them what to do.) Later on you could introduce a collection of little animals or other figurines. (Make sure nothing you give your baby is small enough to be choked on.) You can tell stories about them or simply chat about just where that horse thinks it’s going! As you converse with your baby, they’re developing their language skills and learning more about socialising with others.

This is just a “snack-sized” version of our amazing BestPlay Activities.  If you want access to our more detailed, expert-developed activities and our experts’ advice about how activities like this engage and enhance your baby’s development check out our BestPlay Boxes.

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