BestPlay for Hump Day - Ghosting the Good Way!

Some white paint, a paint brush, a piece of black paper or a small canvas, some ‘googly’ eyes and some glue or a black pen.

Paint one of your child’s feet white. Talk to them while you do this, describing what they might feel and asking them questions (If you did our ‘Mistletoes’ activity, try to ask different questions). “Can you feel the paintbrush on your feet?” Look at these spikey things - they’re called ‘bristles’! How does the paint feel? Is it thick? Is it squelchy on your toes?!”. Then press your child’s foot down on the paper or canvas. Again, talk to them about how the paint and the paper feel. Repeat with the other foot. Let this dry. Then show you child. Explain to them that these are pictures of their feet, show them the different parts of the feet and talk to them about each one. Then, glue on the googly eyes or use the black pen to draw the eyes and mouth of the ghost. You could also add your child’s name and the date if you want to!

Take My Hand