BestPlay for HumpDay - It's In the Post

A nappy box or another largish box.  Some things to post, like plastic spoons, toys, cardboard paper towel rolls, anything light and safe.


Turn the box over with the open side to the floor.  Cut a slot in the base which is approximately 10 x 20 cm. Begin by posting the items through the slot and talk with your baby about what's happening. "Where is the spoon going? Where did it go? Is it inside the box?" If they're up to that stage, have them post the items as well. As they grow and get better with their aim, you can make the slot smaller in new boxes.

You may want to decorate your giant letter box with some used wrapping paper or even pages from an old magazine, to make it more decorative. As your little one enjoys this game, they're developing their fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination as they navigate the items into the slot. They're working on cognitive skills as they begin to predict what will happen to the spoon when it disappears from sight. New vocabulary is being learned as you talk together about the positions of the items. " Let's put the paper roll into the box."

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