BestPlay for Hump Day - Mirror Me!

A simple mirror (making sure there are no sharp edges of course!) with a handle or those that can lie flat while your little one enjoys some tummy time.

Place or hold the mirror in front of your baby. Add some other items for interest such as spoons, scrunched up pieces of alfoil, metal bowls, shiny material, a whisk, baubles or tinsel left over from Christmas, small metal dip dishes, shiny bangles or even reflective cellophane. Anything that bounces light off it that will catch your baby’s eye is a good choice! Talk to your baby about what they can see and show them that when they move an item it moves in the reflection, but be warned by far the most intriguing and attractive thing will be their own reflection. (Could there be a more gorgeous face than that?!)

This is just a “snack-sized” version of our amazing BestPlay Activities.  If you want access to our more detailed, expert-developed activities and our experts’ advice about how activities like this engage and enhance your baby’s development check out our BestPlay Boxes.



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