BestPlay for Hump Day Activity - No Trouble Bubble

Bubble mixture.  You can make your own mixture easily with a generous squeeze of dishwashing liquid and a little water to make it go further. If you have glycerine, a few drops of that will help the mixture stay viscous and will help create gorgeous rainbows in your bubbles! (You can buy glycerine at the supermarket.) What about a bubble blower? You can use the middle of a scone cutter, the hole in the handle of a cooking utensil that hangs or even shape your own bubble blower by bending a coathanger.

If you're out getting the groceries, you can also pick up a pre-made bottle of bubbles there. Shops like Kmart, Target or large supermarkets sell them. Buy some and have fun!

Pour a little bit of the mixture into a plastic plate. Rest your blower in the mixture, lift it out and then slowly and gently blow into the the hole. Watch with your little one as the bubbles bob and float in the air. Chat with your baby about what you're seeing. "There it goes! See the round bubble? It's floating away! Oops! It popped!"  You're giving your baby lots of wonderful new describing words to store away in their brain as you chat about the bubbles and their journey. They're watching the  movement of the bubbles and making connections between them and air movement. (The wind is blowing and the bubbles are too.) They're thinking scientifically. 

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