BestPlay for Hump Day Activity - Drop It Like It's Hot!

You, one or two small buckets or bowls and a collection of small blocks.

Prop your baby safely on the floor. Offer them some small, easy-to-grasp blocks and show them how they can drop them into the bucket or bowl. Once the container is full, they may tip them out and start again or they could go on to a second container. There may be some throwing as well but that’s okay!

It’s not just blocks that can be used for this. Do you have an enormous collection of toy trains or cars? Larger Duplo blocks? Golf balls? Anything that is easily grasped and released is suitable! If it’s smaller than a golf ball, it’s too small and runs the risk of being a choking hazard.

This is just a '“snack-sized” version of our amazing BestPlay Activities. If you want access to our more detailed, expert-developed activities and our experts’ advice about how activities like this engage and enhance your baby’s development check out our BestPlay Boxes.

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