BestPlay for Hump Day Activity - Spicy Roll (No Sushi Required)!

A collection of your most colourful spices in their jars and a baking tray. Try to pick spices that have interesting colours - turmeric, oregano, paprika and cinnamon are great!

Position your baby in a safe place on the floor where they're easily observed and, if relevant, supported by some cushions. Place the baking tray on the floor in front of your baby and then place the spice jars on their sides on the baking tray. Roll the spice jars around on the tray in front of your baby (or if they are at the right stage let your baby roll the jars around themselves!). Talk to your baby about what they can see and hear. Try chatting about what you are doing (“Look the jars are rolling backwards. Now they are rolling forwards.”), the sound the bottles make (“Can you hear the bottles clinking?”) and the colours of the spices (“Can you see the spice here? It’s yellow. It’s called turmeric").

This activity works well if/when your baby is at the highchair stage too. Just check that the tray is deep enough that the bottles won't roll off!

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