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Hi, I'm Kate (that's me on a ridiculously good hair day!). Welcome to Take My Hand!

I'm a mum of two, but Take My Hand is really like my third child. In fact this website was launched when I was 39.5 weeks pregnant with baby number two.

Our little company is basically the result of my experience as a new parent. When my daughter arrived, I suddenly realised that I had no idea what I was doing! While I managed to get on top of all the practical stuff like bathing, nappies and the dreaded purees, I really struggled with working out exactly what I should be doing for all that time between naps (she was not a good sleeper!).

Like a lot of other new parents, I basically wanted to just play with her and have fun, but I also felt that there was a whole lot of stuff that I should be doing. Between trying to adjust to life as a parent and getting all the practical stuff done (see aforementioned cleaning, nappies and purees) I found I didn’t really have the time (and definitely not the energy!) to research play ideas, sensory activities for babies or even nursery rhymes. I felt that every time I walked into a toy or book store I was overwhelmed by choices and I didn’t really know how to help my baby meet her development milestones.

That’s where the idea for our BestPlay Boxes was born. Our experts do all the hard work for you. Basically, we find the best, so you and your baby can just play.

I can't wait to share our BestPlay Boxes with you!